House Framing & Rough Carpentry

Start Your Project on the Right Foot with Help From Clarkston’s Rough Carpentry Pros

House Framing & Rough Carpentry Contractor: Clarkston | Post Construction - IMG_0686The biggest mistake you can make with any new construction project is cutting corners during the initial house framing.

The frame of a house sets the stage for every stage of the construction project that comes after, which is why accuracy, precision, and quality workmanship is so important. Discovering flaws in the framing later in the construction process can be disastrous, resulting in endless delays and complications.

For a Smooth Process and Great Results, Choose a Team with Decades of Experience

Post Construction has been building homes in Southeast Michigan for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve built a reputation for consistent quality and long-lasting results. Rough carpentry is the foundational structure of walls, roofs, and floors in a building, so it’s important to choose a team you know isn’t cutting corners, potentially costing you a fortune down the line.

See Our House Framing Team in Action

House Framing & Rough Carpentry Contractor: Clarkston | Post Construction - rough-carpentryOur Experience Building Custom Homes Offers Flexibility for Your Floor Plan & Layout

When you start building your dream home, do you want to be constrained by a standard layout? Many builders offer several home layout options for you to choose from with minimal customization options. At Post Construction, we can customize your floor plan to give you the house you've always wanted.

Determining your home's layout begins at the design stage, and is solidified during framing stage. Working with a custom home builder offers the opportunity for more options and flexibility. Our team isn’t restricted to standard floor plans, and we’re always open to listening to the ideas and goals of our customers.

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