How to Recover from a Fire, Flood, or Other Disaster

This does not have to be the end of your home. What seems to be impossible to recover from, no longer has to be. Post Construction LLC is fully equipped with the experience and knowledge to repair, restore and give you back your home.

All sudden disasters including fires, floods, weather, you name it, Post Construction can take of you. For more information regarding Insurance Restoration work, please visit our Insurance Restoration page or you may Contact Post Construction LLC now!

New Custom Build

We have started a brand new Custom Build in Fenton, Michigan. 1,800 square foot Ranch with a walk out basement. UPDATE: More pictures coming soon. Here is an update from the Job site. All framed and waiting on windows then completing the roof.

Siding Issues?

Time to call Post Construction today to schedule an appointment for a Free Estimate! We have provided Quality Service for over 40 Years. Post Construction can fix your home with the utmost top quality you could ever imagine.

Don't Miss Out!

Restoring your deck is highly important, not just for eye-candy, but for safety and the integrity of your home.